felt ball rug australia

How to clean felt ball rug.

Vacuuming felt ball rug your rug:

Regular vacuuming and a shake to remove dust particles can do whole lot of good for your felt ball rug. If you may see some fine dust particles under your felt ball rug, this is the soap silt during the felting process. Do not be alarmed as this will go away after using it for some time.

felt ball rug australia

Wool is fire resistant by nature and it can tolerate the daily use and throwing around as it’s quite strong. All the good quality felt ball rugs including ours is made of New Zealand wool giving it a soft and strong feel. These rugs are pretty easy to clean as they are liquid and dirt repellent.

felt ball rug australia

Prevention is always better than cleaning a mess.
Of course, the easiest way is to maintaing an environment where the room is free of dust and mould in your house. It is also advisable to remove dirty shoes before stepping on the rugs. And asking your kids not to make the rug dirty, but hey, how often do you see these things work? You wouldn’t be reading this article if you had a family who listen to every word you say. Welcome to the real world. That said, read the below section which you may find bit more relevant.

Do not leave your rug in wet areas.

If you do not want to have a hard cleaning your felt ball rug, then it is advisable not to leave it in wet places. If you accidentally spilled liquid, we recommend you to wipe or tap off the liquid as soon as possible. Soapy water can be used to give it a quick touch on the surface but do not soak the balls or rub aggressively. Simply continue to dab the felt balls until the stain is removed.

felt ball rug australia

As always, if your felt ball rug endures a lot of foot traffic and needs a good clean, it is recommended enlisting the professionals and hire the expertise of a rug cleaner.

While cleaning your felt ball rug looks simply enough, we generally recommend to get the professional rug cleaners to clean your rug. Particularly, if you’ve tried and have had no success in getting rid of the stain. Just ensure that your rug cleaner is aware that the colour used in these rugs are natural dye and not to use any kind of chemical.

These rugs are made to last so that your kid’s kids will love them!

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